1997 – establishing in Poland, firstly as multitrade building company, named EKO-REM, initially focused on roof renovating and decorating works.

Our main renovating contracts, either roof renovating or painting & decorating works were:
– National Theatre WYBRZEZE, Gdansk, Poland
– University of Gdansk, Poland
– Old City of Gdansk: 4 listed buildings (former Polish President and Nobel Peace Price winner Lech Walesa’s son lives in one of the buildings)
– Hotel NIEDZWIADEK, Wdzydze Kiszewskie, Poland
– Lighthouse, Gdansk, Poland
– BIG AUTOHANDEL, Gdansk (main Ford dealer in north Poland)
– Housing Association PRZYMORZE, Gdansk

2005 – moving to the UK. I started to work as a subcontractor painter & decorator in London
2006 – joined to PATSY-POL Ltd and started to work for them as a carpet cleaner and a handyman
2007 – joined to Check Out Cleaning company, focusing on End-of-Tenancy cleaning in London
2008 – moving in to Birmingham where soon started my own cleaning and decorating businness

We focus on providing cleaning services mainly for healthcare clients but we cooperate also with some offices around Birmingham and in neighbouring areas.

Our main contractor is Bupa Detal Care UK (former OASIS Dental Care) and we have started our cooperation with the company in 2011.