Services in Birmingham and surrounding areas
undertaken in hours suitable for you; even evening or weekend
covered by Public Liability Insurance

Fancy bringing your carpet back to life?
Why to choose us for cleaning your carpets/rugs/upholstery?
We are trained by the PROCHEM National Training Academy for the Cleaning Industry
and we hold the Certificate of Training and Instruction, issued in January 2007

We use professional HOT WATER EXTRACTION carpet cleaning machines
and only professional PROCHEM detergents

If you are not happy with our work, we will re-clean the whole area for free
And if you still are not pleased – we refund what you have paid!

See our 9 steps of carpet care cleaning system
1. Inspection – to recognize and assess soiling, fixings, seams and backings
2. Dye test – to ensure use of correct cleaning solution
3. Fibre test – to determine use of correct cleaning solution
4. Vacuum – to extract dust, grit and other dry soil
5. Treat stains – prior to main cleaning
6. Spray pre-treatment – on traffic lanes to dissolve greasy soils
7. Deep cleaning – using the system and method decided at the inspection step
8. Hand cleaning – edges, stairs and other inaccessible areas
9. Realign pile – to help dry quicker

We are not the best nor the worst cleaners. We are not the cheapest nor the most expensive ones. But for sure we
can offer you a friendly and reliable service! Many have already trusted us. Would you…?