As a member of the Association of Healthcare Cleaning Professionals and a holder of a bunch of dental practices, surgeries and other medical places’ cleaning contracts, we understand specific needs of our healthcare clients as well as the Care Quality Commission (CQC) requirements.

What can you expect from our company working for you?

# Cleaning services – high standard for reasonable price
# Cleaners – fully qualified and trained to work within healthcare environment
# Insurance – the Public and Product Liability as well as the Employer’s Liability
# Cleaning audit – carry out every 3 months to make sure the cleaning standards remain on required level
# Constant contact with the practice management to discuss any new requirements and/or to solve any issues (as „Nobody’s perfect…”)

Initial meeting:

During our initial meeting with the site representative, we look around all the premises which need to be cleaned and look into the Cleaning Schedule provided by the practice representatice. We answer all questions asked by the representative and we establish all duties required so we can make the Standard Cleaning Schedule template for the place.

There are four points which have to be considered to make the Standard Cleaning Schedule template (according to The national specifications for cleanliness in the NHS issued by the National Patient Safety Agency):

1. Identification of functional areas and key elements
2. Risk assessment of the functional areas and key elements
3. Cleaning Standards
4. Cleaning Frequencies

After gaining all necessary informations we can assess:
● how many days a week to clean
● how much time a day to spend cleaning
● best time of day to clean
● health & safety issues
● additional requirements – including the frequency for cleaning other fixtures and fittings (not cleaned on daily basis) such as: blinds, ventilation fittings, windows from inside, high shelving, walls, toys (soft toys should not be used), seating…

So now we are able to provide the contract cleaning offer to you!

When starting new contract, we provide:
1. Cleaning materials and equipment – (always on our expense), meeting CQC standards and compliant with COSHH regulations (vacuum cleaner, 4 buckets and 4 mops, in yellow, red, green and blue, cloths, brush, broom, …).
2. Folder containing:
1. Standard Cleaning Schedule (area/places need to be cleaned, cleaning standard and frequency)
2. Weekly and Monthly Checklists
3. Cleaner Security Log Sheet
4. Up-to-date copies of all cleaning chemicals Safety Data Sheets
5. Up-to-date public liability insurance
6. Lone Worker Risk Assessment

15% off first month contract

AMBob Cleaning & Support Services Ltd